ClemensTM Disposable Underpad

For bed and bedding protection.

Clemens™ Disposable Underpad

For bed and bedding protection.

It’s easy to keep beds and bedding clean and dry with ClemensTM Disposable Underpads. The underpads also ensure that you or your loved one stay dry, which helps to prevent skin irritation. Liquid is quickly locked away with new embossing technology and  the waterproof backing sheet ensures that the underpad stays in place, protecting your bedding and mattress.

Product Features

  • Fluff pulp and super absorbent polymer retains liquid more effectively to keep the bed dry
  • Diamond embossing technology allows for fast absorption and distribution of liquids to keep skin dry
  • Superior to conventional linen savers that are made from tissue paper
Product Description Disposable Underpad
Size 60x60cm, 60x90cm
Units Per Pack 20

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