Clemens™ Feminine Protection Pants

Discreet Feminine protection.

Clemens™ Feminine Protection Pants

For moderate incontinence.

Clemens Feminine protection pants are 40% thinner than Clemens unisex protection pants.  Designed for discreet, comfortable and easy-to use  protection for active women suffering from moderate incontinence.

Product Features

  • Discreet beige colour, comfortable and easy-to-use
  • Contour Fit Technology – 40 % thinner than Clemens™ Unisex Protection Pants for more comfort and discretion
  • Anatomically-shaped for a secure fit
  • Extra absorption technology with double anti-leak barrier for optimum dryness
  • Tearable side seams for easy removal
  • Up to 10 hours odour control for peace of mind
Product Description Feminine Protection underwear
Hip/Waist (cm)
80-120 100-145
Units Per Case
9 8

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