Clemens™ Plus Slips

Ultimate comfort and protection.

Clemens™ Plus Slips

For heavy incontinence.

If you or your loved one are immobile or under 24-hour care with moderate to severe incontinence, Clemens™ Plus Slips will  give you leak-free confidence.  Plus Slips are designed for individuals who experience severe levels of incontinence and are semi-mobile or immobile.

Product Features

  • Anatomically-shaped for a secure fit
  • Elasticated cuffs for protection against leakage
  • Super absorbent core to ensure optimum dryness
  • Elasticated waist band for added comfort
  • Wetness indicator
  • Re-fastenable flex hook Velcro® tapes for continual readjustment of slip
Product Description Disposable Slip
Hip/Waist (cm)
60-80 70-110 100-150 150-170
Units Per Case
15 15 15 14

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