Clemens™ Unisex Protection Pants

Superior comfort and protection.

Clemens™ Unisex Protection Pants

For moderate incontinence.

Light to moderate incontinence
The term light to moderate incontinence is used
when affected persons notice an average urine
loss of 200 to 1000 ml over a four hour period.
Although quite large releases of urine may occur,
it is not a full bladder.

Absorbency levels:

Clemens unisex protection pants combine the latest technologies in a soft, comfortable and easy to use product that supports an active lifestyle.  Fully elasticated for a close yet comfortable fit.  Clemens unisex protection pants are designed to replace regular underwear, while remaining discreet under clothing.  Suitable for moderate levels of incontinence. 

Product Features

  • Fully elasticated with a 4-way stretch making them ideal for active people
  • Elasticated leg cuffs for protection against leakage
  • Multi-layered absorbent core for added security
  • Tearable side seams for easy removal
  • Odour neutralising technology for confidence
Product Description Unisex Protection underwear
Hip/Waist (cm)
60-90 80-120 100-145 130-170
Units Per Case
14 14 14 14

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