Light, moderate or
severe incontinence?

All Clemens™ products are designed in consultation with health care experts to ensure that you stay secure, dry and odour-free. ClemensTM offers a range of high quality products to give you the freedom to live life on your terms. The latest absorbency technology will keep you dry, day and night.

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Everyone has unique incontinence needs and we’re here to support you with a simple and easy-to-understand range. You’ll find all the peace-of-mind and confidence you deserve with the right Clemens™ product.

Light, moderate or severe incontinence?


Light to Moderate

Moderate to Severe

Severe to Very Severe

Clemens™ has a full range of incontinence products which are suitable for the different levels of incontinence as follows:


Clemens™ Feminine Protection Pads Regular

Clemens™ Feminine Protection Pads Extra

Clemens™ Unisex Mini Pads

Clemens™ Unisex Midi Pads

Clemens™ Unisex Maxi Pads


Clemens™ Feminine Protection Pants

Clemens™ Unisex Protection Pants


Clemens™ Plus Slips

Clemens™ Ultra Slips